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Management Revolutionized

Use MyDesigns to store your designs, files and data securely in the best cloud-based Digital Asset Management System for Print on Demand and eCommerce, and automate your workflow by utilizing our unique Apps and Integrations.

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The ultimate hub for all your
design and data needs

Create, upload, and store designs, generate and edit data in bulk, and organize everything nicely into folders securely in the Cloud. Folders have templates that give you dynamic flexibility and control over your data and file structure allowing easy integrations with your favorite Apps, Services, and Marketplaces.



Publishing Print on Demand or Digital products to Etsy or Shopify in bulk has never been easier with our marketplace integrations.


Cloud Storage

Up to 1 TB of cloud storage space enabling you to securely store and access your designs, assets, and data from anywhere.


Edit & Filter Options

Edit or filter your designs and data with ease. Add, remove, find + replace, and modify your data on hundreds of designs in seconds.


Variable Data

Utilize our unique Variable Data functionality by pulling data from any field or dataset and inputting it into a new field with ease.



Create unlimited collections and templates helping you organize your designs and data exactly how you need it.


Custom Fields

Create as many custom fields per template as you like giving you full flexibility, control, and consistency over your data structure.


App Marketplace

Take advantage of our App Marketplace to expand your possibilities, and further automate your workflow.


File Slots

Create additional file slots for each of your folders to better serve your needs. Upload different files to each of these slots as needed.

Integrated with your favorite platforms

Your designs, data, and assets should be connected and integrated with your favorite online Apps and Services. MyDesigns App Marketplace helps you extend your possibilities and get more done.


Easily add your designs and files from Dropbox to with the click of a button.

Google Drive

Easily add your designs and files from Google Drive to with the click of a button. (coming soon)


Merch Titans Automation

Integrate your designs and data with Merch Titans Automation and automate your Print on Demand uploads.

Focus on your designs and data.
MyDesigns will handle the rest

You have a business to run.

Designs gives you everything you need in terms of secure Cloud storage, advanced data editing and filtering along with several Apps and Integrations that make it easy to automate and control as much of your workflow as possible all from one central hub.


Built for POD & eCommerce

MyDesigns will help you save time and improve your workflow drastically. We offer an intuitive Cloud-based Content Management System for your Designs and Data, a browser based Design tool, Apps Marketplace, and more. We created MyDesigns to solve your Print on Demand, and eCommerce needs.


Designed to be flexible

Create folders with templates that give you full control over custom fields, data sets, file slots, and more. Anytime a new design or file is added to a folder, it will automatically inherit the folders template structure which allows you to easily connect with your favorite online Apps and Integrations.


Community & Tutorials

You get free access to our online community, extensive help content, tutorials, and documentation showing you how to effectively utilize MyDesigns to the full extent so that you can stay focused on what matters most in your Print on Demand or eCommerce ventures.

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