File Information.

Detailed Information for each file or assets stored in your Cloud such as file name, file type, dimensions, DPI or PPI, size, and more.

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Display Important File Info

Display important information about your files next to each listing. 

Detailed File Information

View file name, file type, dimensions, resolution, size, and more. 

At A Glance Views

Filter your entire folder of designs to view ALL file info at a glance. 

File Information

Our File Information App is essential for your workflow and displays relevant information for each file or asset you upload to your MyDesigns Cloud. It is free, required, and always activated.

This App creates a “File Info” section next to each listing and shows you detailed Information for each file or asset you upload to your Cloud.


  • File Name (name of your file)
  • File Type (PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG, ect…)
  • File Size (size of each file)
  • Dimensions (dimensions of each file if relative)
  • PPI or DPI (pixels per inch or dots per inch if relative)
  • More features coming soon…

View File Information with ease

With the File Information App, you can filter your entire folder view to see relevant file information for each design or file very quickly. It's free, efficient, and will continue to expand to show more information for each file as we improve it.


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